Saturday, October 23, 2010

Deadliest Gender

We are in production of the newest movie from Flickering Candle Productions called Deadliest Gender . Join our facebook page by clicking here Deadliest Gender. We are busy filming fight scenes at the moment since September. Its mostly an all woman cast.

Synopsis: It is now sometime in the future. Political change and living conditions have seriously eradicated life as we knew it during the millineum. Survival is the only condition which to live by now and corporations have provided platforms for their existance and mankind's destruction.
One such corporation has donned an entertainment venue to gain monetary assets and a place in world dominance. Their reality show is called The Deadliest Gender where female contestants fight to the death for one hundred million dollars to the victor. It seems the Greeks had the right idea for controlling civilization with their gladiator games and The Corporation is eagerly executing this 'wisdom' for their ranking in international power.

We are currently looking for more hot women to join us as featured extras and bands to help out on the music of the movie. If interested please contact our director George Demick by clicking on his name.

Enjoy these few photos from scenes we have already filmed....
xx Andie

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