Sunday, March 6, 2011

A lot going on... sorry been so long...

I feel like I've avoided blogging in awhile so I headed over to give the up dates of why its been so long. I have been doing a segment on Altered Realities Radio for their Conversations with a Scream Queen please check out our first segment Valentine's Day Massacre
I will be doing segments through out the months ahead so keep posted to their site!!!

I have also been busy trying to get a movie production company off the ground with Ms.Goldie Fatale called FataleNoir Productions. Our first production is going to be called Holy Ground. We have been working hard in East KY filming at an old cabin and have the first stunts filmed and the footage is looking AMAZING!!!! We are extremely excited about the work going on in this film and the filming will keep on until probably the end of spring but we are hoping to have a teaser trailer out by end of April.

I also just wrapped a new photo shoot up with the talented Alli Richards
Will post pix on here to check out and I hope you all enjoy!!!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 .. off to a good start!

We are still busy with Deadliest Gender trying to as much as we can during the winter months, but filming outside especially fight scenes is difficult in freezing temps!! We have though kept ourselves busy with promo shots for the movie poster (like the one below with the sword.. photos taken of us will be drawn for the poster!! I'm extremely excited because I get to show off my sword skills for it ha ha) We also had a cast meet/greet which the photos of me and Goldie as shown at the bottom of this blog.. We can't wait to get back into full swing of things though and get this anticipated film to the public!!!

I've been also busy with Goldie Fatale trying to get our very own movie off the ground! Goldie has written a great and witty script that is a tribute to Evil Dead and the Bruce Campbell style of acting for horror. We recently went location scouting in the mountains of east KY where the coal mines have left cabins abandoned and definitely has the creepiest feel for a horror movie. We braved the snow for this and will hopefully start filming in Feb. Its our first attempt to produce, direct, write, act, etc. in our VERY OWN creation.. and hope we bring something different to the table as women in horror not just actresses!!

I would also like to announce I will guest star every once and awhile on Altered Realities Radio to do a horror movie review with the ladies there! I'm very excited about this and happy they asked me to come on to do the show with them. We have a great time and laugh more then anything when we chat. I think i'll be bringing the comedy relief into the horror genre for them :)

A lot of big things are going on in 2011 already and I can't wait for more to begin.